On-Demand Communications Specialist

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A communications specialist with a network of top-quality professionals

Julie Rochon

A communications specialist with a network of top-quality professionals

My favourite ingredients to use generously in every project are organization, professionalism, passion and creativity. And naturally, the range of services I offer is enriched by the assistance of my valued collaborators, whom I have chosen with great care. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a network of graphic designers, photographers, programmers, web strategists, translators, writers and printers, who are all outstanding specialists and passionate about their areas of expertise. I execute your projects in partnership with them, to help you achieve your business goals. I act as your contact and your go-to person. I handle everything for you.

When you entrust your communications to me, you can be sure that every project will be carried out by the best team to meet your needs.

Oh, and for those who are wondering how I honed my skills, I will say that, after completing my B.A. in marketing, I spent over 10 years wrangling words, concepts and strategies for corporate communications and marketing departments and as an account manager and strategist for advertising agencies. I now offer my freelance services to companies and agencies needing an on-demand communications consultant.