We all profit by collaborating!

A good idea is one that grows out of a strategic analysis and a fusion of talents, and makes new opportunities flourish.

I’m a team player. I love working with my collaborators so they can expand their offering to a whole new level. In that sense, I play a role in the success of several advertising and web agencies, which bring me onboard to round out and boost their service offering.

  • Traditional and web copywriting in French
  • Communications and visibility strategies
  • Photo and video shoot production (budgeting, pre- & post-production, sets)

Small studios, large agencies: my door is always open to discuss a strategic partnership that’s creative, productive and always enjoyable.

Why me?

  • I worked in agencies for over 10 years: I know what your realities are.
  • I always honour my commitments, your budget and the deadline we’ve agreed upon.
  • My education is in marketing and I have over 15 years’ experience in communications, marketing and copywriting.
  • I easily and accurately grasp the essential information to communicate and the results to deliver.
  • I never lose sight of the goal or the target customer.