Web writing


Admit it: waiting for your clients to deliver their copy can be tedious. They’re busy with their day-to-day responsibilities. They have other priorities and things they’d rather be doing. Writing tasks tend to keep sliding lower down on people’s to-do list. Plus, writing isn’t easy for everyone. Especially content for a clear and appealing website that ranks well with search engines.

Working with an experienced web writer will get those projects moving faster and let you deliver sites whose content is as professional as the tools you develop.

Many agencies entrust their web writing to me. That’s because I…

  • Deliver on time
  • Respect the budget we agree on, and advise you if the job goes beyond our original agreement
  • Upon request, write content that optimizes your keywords, but in a fluid, engaging way
  • Present the content in a structure that makes it easy to integrate
  • Write description, title, and H1 and H2 tags
  • Include calls to action and internal navigation links
  • Work for you and always respect the relationship you’ve built with your client.

I’m more than a writer: I’m a marketing professional who knows how to reach out to customers and touch them. A website should be a powerful marketing tool. That starts with great content.

Your clients know their business, but sometimes they’re so close to their tree that they lose track of the forest. I ask the right questions, get them thinking and speak their target audience’s language.

Writing and content strategy for:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters

How do you convince your clients that professional writing is key for their website’s performance and to get their project rolling? With the reasons I outlined above and with testimonials from people who’ve benefited from my expertise.

Check out my LinkedIn page for testimonials from happy clients.

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