French copywriting

Writing clearly and effectively is essential for any communication to succeed. My strength is my ability to put myself in your customer’s shoes—regardless of your industry—and to craft information that’s accessible and particularly meaningful for them.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful slogan, sales copy, website content or an annual report, press release, brochure or newsletter, no challenge can faze me. Because tinkering with words, well…I really, really like it.

Writing for the web: A distinct area of specialization

Not everyone can write for the web. It’s simply not the best strategy to cut and paste an existing corporate brochure onto the web. Online, the rules of the game are changing constantly, and working with my partners, I stay on top of the very latest trends in web positioning and writing. Many web and SEO specialists entrust the writing of their web content to me because of my way with words, my overall vision, my understanding of business, the ease with which I create content—with or without reference documents—and, especially, my ability to adapt to the web’s requirements and evolutions.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to request a quote for your French copywriting project.